Perfect performance is a well-oiled machine.

If getting your vehicles in good running condition requires some pre-sale maintenance, you can depend on our skilled technicians to manage that maintenance for you, provide it on site, and deliver it quickly at an affordable price. Columbus Fair’s extensive 11,000-square-foot, on-site Mechanical Repair Shop operates 10 complete service bays, each equipped with a modern hydraulic lift—and all the tools and technology needed to service most makes and models. Our diverse team of ASE-certified mechanics can provide official mechanical certification, including Pre-Sale Inspections and Post-Sale Inspections that build confidence in your buying experience.  

Post Sale Inspections

Extended Arbitration terms ensure peace of mind while protecting your investment. We offer 7 and 14 day Post Sale Inspections (PSI) which follow current NAAA Arbitration Policies on eligible vehicles sold at Columbus Fair Auto Auction.

Larry Wilson

VP of Shop Services

(614) 869-6682

“Dealing with the mechanic shop is always a positive experience.”

– Dan Schmidt, National Road Auto Sales

“I continue to be impressed with the mechanic shop’s ability to support the high volume of vehicles I require for Enterprise.”

– Trent Pinkerton, Enterprise Car Sales