Float Sale Terms

  • Vehicles purchased in the designated Float Lanes may be floated up to 30 days.
  • Only dealers with check writing privileges may float. *Cash-Only dealers are not eligible*
  • Any returned checks will result in loss of float privileges and potentially check writing privileges altogether.
  • A  float fee is added to the buy fee.
    • Checks may be deposited or other payment made by the Friday after sale and the $80 float fee will be credited. Any payment received after Friday will include the float fee.
  • The float limit is $7,500. This is the maximum amount per vehicle that CFAA will float. Any portion of the total over $7,500 must be paid for by check the day of the sale.
    • Example: Sale Price = $10,000. Must be paid for with 2 checks. One check for $7,500 to be held for up to 30 days. An additional check for $2,500 which will be deposited immediately.