Here is our contact directory. For general inquiries please call (614) 497-2000.


Alexis Jacobs
Chief Executive Officer

Greg Levi
President and COO
Steve Wycoff
Chief Information Officer
Mary Wheeler
Vice President of Finance
Tim French
VP of Sales
Annie Wheatley
VP of Fleet Services
Greg Stormont
VP of Shop Services
Jeff Baerga
Director of Operations
Tim Maddy
Director of Facilities

Commercial Sales

Jim Pecek
Repo Account Manager
Scott Carpenter
Assistant Factory Manager
Anndria Mitchell
Fleet Lease Manager

Dealer Sales

Josh Koronich
Director of Dealer Sales
Joe Swearingen
Southeast OH and WV
John Rice
Northeast Ohio
Andrew Craig
Cicly Sellers
Sales Support Administrator
Richard Peyton
Central Ohio

Marketing and Promotions

Chris Feick
Internet Sales
Misti Floyd
Internet Sales Administrator
Libby Henson
Marketing & Communications
Danielle Levi Lawler
Cheryl Rolfe

IT Department

Paul Kerns
IT Manager

Human Resources

Beverly Washington
Leslie Ivery
Payroll Administrator

Office Administration

Mark Shearn
Arbitration Manager
Wendy Justice

Angela Whitt
Compliance Officer
Tara Hamilton
Front Office Manager

Dealer/Public Registration

Marge Casey
Dealer Registration

Outside Services

Mike Cheadle
Outside Services Manager
Melissa Johnston
Outside Services Supervisor

Mechanic Shop

Larry Wilson
Mechanic Shop Manager
Tony Roberts
Assistant Mechanic Shop Supervisor

Reconditioning Center

Michael Lybrook
Recon Manager
Eric Grant
Assistant Recon Manager
Victoria Trujillo
Recon Office Manager

Body Shop

Kevin Courtney
Assistant Body Shop Manager
Gary Decot
Assistant Body Shop Manager
Stephanie Miller
Office Manager


April Roe
Transportation Manager
Morghyne Belcher
Transportation Coordinator
Rose Klos
Transportation Coordinator
Katina Dailey
Transportation Coordinator

Vehicle Registration

Adena Holmes
Vehicle Registration Manager
Erice Bonner
Vehicle Registration