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Reconditioning and Detailing

Cars that look better sell for more.

Columbus Fair Auto Auction maintains an on-site 25,000-square-foot Reconditioning Center that can service up to 400 cars per day. Reconditioning services range from a same-day hand wash to the most comprehensive high line detailing.

Our quick and convenient hand-wash allows for quick turnaround from one sale to the next. Our mini-cleanup is ideal for dealers who want their entire inventory cleaned up prior to the auction. Our comprehensive full detail and high line detail are available for dealers who want to maximize the value and improve the presentation.


“Columbus Fair’s efficient Reconditioning Center has consistently helped me

make more money and sell more cars…”

-Dave Knost, Dave Knost Auto Outlet

“Every week, I can depend on Columbus Fair to quickly clean up my entire inventory

and dependably have it sale-ready for that week’s auction.

– Dave Prusak, Dave’s Auto Sales

Michael Lybrook
Reconditiong Center Manager
(614) 254-3588


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