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Columbus Fair Auto Auction Joins XLerate Group

COLUMBUS—Columbus Fair Auto Auction (CFAA) has recently been acquired by XLerate Group, a leading nationwide auction and remarketing facilitation company. XLerate includes an established group of auctions with sale operations in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin.

CFAA was established in 1959 by William Jacobs, and ownership of the auction transferred to his daughter, Alexis Jacobs, in 1982. It has operated in central Ohio as an independent, family-owned auction for 60 years.

“Joining the XLerate group is the right choice for CFAA’s customers and employees,” Jacobs said. “We identified a cultural match that felt comfortable for both our employees and our customers. The support and resources that the XLerate offers to its auction family were key factors in my decision to sell to XLerate.”

“My auction family is excited to join a high-quality, high-integrity group of operators who share our commitment to providing superior customer experience and a powerful commitment to the communities where they operate,” she said.

Columbus Fair Auto Auction Welcomes Ricart Automotive

COLUMBUS—Columbus Fair Auto Auction (CFAA) welcomes Ricart Automotive, running weekly starting Wednesday, June 12th.

Ricart will be featured in lane 11 on June 12th at 9:30 a.m. with more than 75 vehicles. The sale will feature trade-ins, all with condition reports. Ricart’s reputation for quality inventory and ambition to sell will advantage any dealer in their lane. Ricart will also run late models every other week, further expanding their relationship and presence at CFAA.

“We have both been here since the 1950s, and our families have a long-standing relationship. Now, in our 3rd generation, we look forward to combining our efforts to continue the strength of what we can offer to the central Ohio automotive community together,” said Rick Ricart from Ricart Automotive.

“Ricart Automotive has been a fixture of the ­automotive industry and the Columbus community for decades,” said Greg Levi, President of CFAA. “Ricart vehicles will be of great appeal to our buyer base. With its strong brand recognition and quality service, we are proud to feature them in our lanes and enhance our partnership between two Ohio-grown companies with strong community ties.”

Columbus Fair Auto Auction Honored as GM Financial’s 2018 Auction of the Year

COLUMBUS—Columbus Fair Auto Auction (CFAA) was recently honored with GM Financial’s 2018 Auction of the Year award. It was presented to Alexis Jacobs at the 2019 Conference of Automotive Remarketing.

“This award is a testament to our relationship with our customers, commitment to our consignors, and hard work put in by our employees,” said Jacobs, CEO of Columbus Fair. “As one of our biggest consignors, GM Financial provides an invaluable source of inventory for many of our customers. We are very proud of this recognition and look forward to continuing to grow this partnership.”

GM Financial runs a weekly off-lease sale with more than 400 vehicles in two lanes at Columbus Fair.

Columbus Fair’s Dealer Service Center Improves Convenience and Efficiency for Customers

COLUMBUS—Columbus Fair Auto Auction’s (CFAA) Dealer Service Center aims to improve convenience and efficiency for dealers and consignors.

By accessing the Dealer Service Center from its mobile app or by visiting www.cfaa.com, customers can request and track auction services. All departments at CFAA utilize a dashboard to receive and manage service requests, enabling customers to digitally order what vehicle services they need and receive notifications when steps have been completed.

“Our Dealer Service Center is designed to provide our customers with greater accessibility, while also expanding our own digital development,” said Greg Levi, President of CFAA. “By using its features, dealers and consignors can easily monitor the trajectory of units they are buying or selling through the auction process.”

Transportation, body shop, mechanic, and reconditioning services can all be requested through the Dealer Service Center. Additionally, sale calendars, lane schedules, and weekly promotions are also accessible, as well as the CFAA Marketplace and a live chat function.

Columbus Fair Auto Auction Promotes Dealer Service Center

COLUMBUS—Columbus Fair Auto Auction (CFAA) encourages customers to use its Dealer Service Center (DSC), a feature that allows dealers and consigners to digitally request and track auction services.

The Dealer Service Center can be accessed through a mobile app available for both android and Apple devices by searching “CFAA DSC” in the app store. Powered by AuctionVCommerce, the DSC is an easy and user-friendly resource that allows customers to efficiently manage the status of their vehicles before and after sale.

“At Columbus Fair, we’re making a concerted effort to improve convenience for our customers,” said Greg Levi, President of CFAA. “That includes reinforcing our digital footprint so that our dealers and consignors can get the service they need with the click of a button.”

Columbus Fair Auto Auction Launches Frontline Ready (FLR) Service

COLUMBUS—Columbus Fair Auto Auction (CFAA) announces the launch of its Frontline Ready service initiative, which will be available in the first quarter of this year.

It can take up to seven days for dealers to prepare vehicles purchased at auction for placement on their front line. Under the FLR service, CFAA offers mechanic, reconditioning, body shop, and transportation services for a single flat rate. Units will be made “frontline ready” in 48 hours, saving buyers resources and accelerating time-to-market.

“Under the coordination of our shop managers, we have created the Frontline Ready service to provide a product of convenience to our buyers and to local dealerships,” said Greg Levi, President of Columbus Fair Auto Auction. “By utilizing this service, dealers will be able to move their units from our campus directly to their lots prepared for immediate sale.”

The FLR service is not only available to those who make purchases at the auction. Any dealership can take advantage of this streamlined service to add efficiency and cost-effectiveness to their business.

Columbus Fair Auto Auction Launches IAS AuctionMaster, Replaces A/S 400

COLUMBUS—Columbus Fair Auto Auction (CFAA) announced it will be launching AuctionMaster V3, a technology developed by Integrated Auction Solutions (IAS), this December.

“Our corporate mission has always been to move the auction progressively forward into the future,” said Alexis Jacobs, CEO of Columbus Fair Auto Auction. “By upgrading our management system, we will take a big step toward streamlining all departments and expenses, positioning our auction to better serve our online and in-lane buyers and sellers. We also plan to leverage AuctionMaster’s integrations with auto manufacturers and lenders, which we believe will expand our business.”

AuctionMaster V3 is a web-based auction management system with comprehensive features to perform all auction functions. The new management system replaces A/S 400, which CFAA has been using for more than 20 years.

“AuctionMaster V3 has been several years in the making, and our team is excited to launch at CFAA,” said John Lilly, President of IAS. “We look forward to empowering the rest of the independent auction community with AuctionMaster as well as our Marketplace solution. We are confident we can provide CFAA and other independent auctions with the tools they need to effectively compete in a quickly evolving digital marketplace.”

The web-based system will make it easier for all departments—from accounting to sales—to work simultaneously, ensuring greater efficiency and success at the auction. CFAA already utilizes IAS Marketplace, an online platform through which users can buy and sell vehicles.

“AuctionMaster will allow us as a company, in every aspect, to operate more effectively,” said Greg Levi, President and COO of Columbus Fair Auto Auction. “With this advanced and customizable technology, we can better serve our buyers and sellers, whether they are in our lanes or online.”


Integrated Auction Solutions (IAS) enables the independent auto auction community to effectively compete both in-lane and online with a suite of powerful, easy to use, mobile-friendly technology solutions. The industry’s only on-site, web-based auction management system, AuctionMaster integrates with major manufacturers, consignors, banks, Simulcast, and a transactional marketplace platform where individual marketplaces can be configured and customized.

NAAA Posted 11/12/2018


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