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Mechanical Repair

Perfect performance is a well-oiled machine

If getting your vehicles in good running condition requires some pre-sale maintenance, you can depend on our skilled technicians to manage that maintenance for you, provide it right on-site, and deliver it quickly at an affordable price.

Columbus Fair’s extensive 11,000-square-foot, on-site Mechanical Repair Shop operates 10 complete service bays, each equipped with a modern hydraulic lift—and all the tools and technology needed to service most makes and models. Our diverse team of ASE-certified mechanics can provide official mechanical certification, including Pre-Sale Inspections and Post-Sale Inspections that builds confidence to your buying experience.

Post Sale Inspections

Extended Arbitration terms ensure peace of mind while protecting your investment. We offer 7 and 14 day post sale inspections (PSI) which follow current NAAA Arbitration Policies on eligible vehicles sold at Columbus Fair Auto Auction.

“Dealing with the mechanic shop is always a positive experience.”

-Dan Schmidt, National Road Auto Sales

“I continue to be impressed with the mechanic shop’s ability to support the high volume of vehicles I require for Enterprise. ”

-Trent Pinkerton, Enterprise Car Sales

Greg Stormont
VP of Shop Services


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